Playing Candy Crush Saga Can Create Fantastic REALTORS?

I have played Candy Crush Saga, created by King, for ever a year now.

Candy Crush Screen Shot

If you have not heard of Candy Crush Saga, it is a simple game of match three or more "candies" of the same kind.  Successful matches "crush" the "candies" and special candies are created when you match more than three of a kind.

My husband asked me what good was playing the game to me?  I thought about it and came up with the following qualities I glean from the game and how it relates to my business:

1) Perseverance - I did not get to level 615 (as of today) by giving up.  I have played some levels as many as 50 times before completing them.  Falling short of reaching the goal of the next level is too disappointing to me. WORK REALTED: A fantastic agent that can persevere no matter how difficult the deal may be. 

2) Stamina - When the going got tough I got going.  I continued to use strategies that worked, tried new things, and learned the best way to complete each level. WORK REALTED: Not all deals are created equal.  Some are easy some are tougher to get through.  A fantastic agent will stick with you throughout the entire process.

3) Energy - The game only gives you so many lives at a time.  You can ask friends for lives, yet that does not always work.  So I learned how to save my "lives" and used them conservatively. WORK RELATED: A fantastic agent  is energetic and can complete all the tasks to get your deal closed. 

4) Motivation - While addicting this game is motivating when I see friends that have gone past me on levels, while I may be stuck.  WORK REALATED:  While many think the REALTOR is motivated by only money, the truth is the best motivation is helping the customer (YOU!) reach your goals.

5) Ability to Relate - I have had several conversations with people who are playing about how to complete a level, game frustrations, etc.  WORK REALTED:  A fantastic REALTOR who hears what you are saying and understands your goals and dreams.

6) Drive - The ability to keep going when I really don't want to do so.  The desire to be at the top of my game at all times so I can breeze through the levels.  WORK REALATED: A fantastic REALTOR has the drive to be successful in the career of Real estate.  Someone who wants to be the best in the area.

7) Patience - I have learned that I can not always win the level on the first try, and that is okay.  I can continue until I do get it completed, even when it takes longer, and more trys, than I care to admit.  WORK RELATED: A fantastic agent is someone who works at your pace.  You don't want to be rushed through a property or a decision. 

8) Curiosity - I am always curious about what will be thrown at me in the next level.  I know I will learn something new on how to solve the level's puzzle.  WORK RELATED: A fantastic agent is still learning and expanding their business - not someone who is still operating by Twentieth Century standards.

9) Positive Attitude - I may not always be the top scorer on a level, this is okay.  I still completed the level.  I don't have to be the "top dog" I just have to finish the level. WORK RELATED: You don't want to work with someone who is constantly pointing out all the negatives, offers no solutions or work arounds, and in general is a downer to be around.

10) Sense of Humor - Sometimes I have to laugh at how easy a level is, or how silly it is to be playing this game over and over again.  WORK RELATED: Getting through a realestate deal can be very stressful and hard work.  People who laugh together stay together.





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