Are You A Squirrel Too?

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I am sitting on the deck enjoying the warm fall day, watching a squirrel prepare for winter.  I am like the squirrel in that I have harvested the garden, stored the harvest and now am preparing my home for winter.  I thought I would share my list of things to do with you.  Feel free to do these things too to make your home more comfortable this winter.

1)      Inspect the roof: after a summer of rain and hail storms I do not want any surprises with a leaky roof this winter.  I                have scheduled a professional to come and inspect the roof.  I hope we do not have to replace it this year.

2)      Caulking and sealing: I will go around the house inch by inch and seal up all the little spaces.  This is especially                      important to get done now so I can stop any mice from sneaking in a small space.  It is important to seal around all                  opening to conserve on energy as well

3)      Weather stripping: in addition to caulking weather stripping can help avoid heat loss especially on a garage door.

4)      Check the foundation for cracks: make sure there are no cracks that have not been repaired and sealed.

5)      Windows and doors: Remove the screen doors and window screens – wash, dry, and store. Install storm doors and                windows as needed to decrease heating bills.

6)      Paint: Scrape, and touch up any areas worn throughout the summer.  Paint actually helps to protect the home from heat          loss.

7)      Clean out gutters: Drain spouts too.  Install gutter guards, install roof deicing wires, do what is needed to avoid ice                dams.

8)      Furnace/Boiler tuning and cleaning:  Now is the time to do more than just change a filter.  Have the furnace/boiler              professionally tuned and cleaned to maintain efficiency.

9)      Inspect woodstoves/pipes and fireplaces: Avoid any winter fire emergencies. By making sure the woodstoves are in          working order.

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10)   Clean out air conditioners, de-humidifiers, and humidifiers: Store ready for spring the             air conditioners and de-humidifiers.  Prepare the humidifier for winter usage.

11)   Change direction of the ceiling fan: Make sure the warm air is being diverted from the                 ceiling.

12)   Inspect the driveway for cracks: repair and seal cracks and it will be easier to plow this               winter.

13)   Organize garage, tool shed, and garden shed: Be prepared for spring by organizing now.           Drain lawn hoses and store properly.  Shut off outside water valves.  Drain lawn equipment of           all gas and oil, and clean machinery.  Store deck furniture.

14)   Tune up the snow blower: fresh oil and gas make sure spark plugs are good (new).

15)   Last time in the garden: pull the last of the weeds, mulch perennials, and empty the soil               from pots and planters.  Make sure you store the posts and planters dry so they don’t split and         break over the winter months.

16)   Check decking and railings:  Make sure there are no loose boards/handrails.  No one needs           to fall in a winter storm due to a bad deck or railing. 

Even with this long list, of which my husband wil help me get it all done, I am not too busy to help you find a new home for winter.  Just give me at call at 218-390-3184.  

Sherri L. Underthun, Broker in MN and WI, My Place Realty, Inc.

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