Mosquito VS Bat

Today I thought I would just do a quick blog about the mosquito and the bat. Mosquitos are little pests and are very numerous this year in our market.  Since we did not have a very cold winter, a lot of the larva survived the winter months making the first few hatches extra large.  Everybody has their favorite mosquito repellent, yet with the added threat of the Zika virus, because West Nile wasn't enough, it is more important to get a long lasting repellent that works against the Aedes mosquito.  Consumer reports put out a great article to help you choose the best mosquito repellent for you.  You can find the report here: Best Mosquito Repellents.

So why Mosquito VS Bat?  Bats are a natural enemy to the mosquito.  In Minnesota and WI we do not have the Vampire bats that most people think of when they hear the word bat.  Check out this site:MN DNR BATS  It talks about the different types of bats we have in the Northland. 

Currently the bats in our area are fighting against extinction.  The bats are getting sick with White-Nose Syndrome.  You can learn more here: White-Nose Syndrome DNR report 

If you do not want a lot of mosquitos in your yard, get some bats.  Spraying or fogging to eliminate mosquitos can harm the predators of mosquito - think birds, bats, etc., plants, and people who are alergic.  One bat can eat up to 60 moths (army worm moths anyone?) or up to 1,000 mosquitos in ONE NIGHT! 

How do you attract bats?  Build a house to provide them with a habitat to raise their young.  Bat houses are easy to make check this easy do it yourself plan:

I hope this help you in your fight against those pesty mosquitos. 

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